GW2: One Alarm Bell About the New Mastery System

“In fact, once you have unlocked the ability to train Masteries, your nameplate will display the number of Mastery points you have gained rather than your level.”

Reimagining Progression: The Mastery System, Guild Wars 2 website

This is dangerous.

Just sayin’.

The rest seems decent enough, sort of a cross between EQ2’s Alternate Advancement system and GW1’s title tracks (which, by the way, turned out to be a massive grind – I personally don’t mind as I play a helluva lot of GW2, I’m foreseeing my account will get a massive amount of points just grandfathered in from the core game with probably high-level fractals being the only exception, but I dunno how others might perceive it, ie. what they find becomes ‘necessary’ rather than optional to grind out.)

I’ll find it ridiculously funny if level 80s suddenly felt the urge to locate spots to grind out xp faster than just playing the game normally though.

Bet it’ll happen. So much farm.