GW2: Heart of Thorns – First Reactions…





Heavy armor class, powered by GW1 nostalgia, echoes of the ritualist and dervish? YES PLZ. GIVE NAO.

Also fairly hyped about gliding. I liked doing that in Aion.


Less sure about masteries – it’ll probably end up being a bit of a lateral progression grind, but you know, we all need goals to chase and I’ll take horizontal progression that is ACCOUNT bound than character-bound vertical progression any day.

Besides, anything that gives necromancers greatswords, engineers hammers, and more besides (like druidic staff rangers) can’t be that bad.

Shield mesmers, too.
Shield mesmers, too.

Also, precursor scavenger hunt / collection will be in this system, which means I might one day actually be able to make a Legendary that doesn’t come from a cheap and unwanted precursor.

So shiny, this jungle. Feels almost like Guild Wars: Utopia is echoing
So shiny, this jungle. Feels almost like Guild Wars: Utopia with its planned meso-american influences is echoing from its pores.

The Heart of Maguuma area and content sounds good – looks very vertical with three main parts canopy, middle and depths, looks to have a ton of secret stuff and lore inside (hylek civilizations, Mursaat? as allies?!) and will contain more challenging fights and bosses and *ahem* group content, presumably meaning raids of some type or other to sate the ravening hordes.


(As long as they stick to the original design philosophy of stressing inclusion and cooperation, I guess I won’t freak out about it.)

No crazy gear increases, no level cap increase, no stupid slavish following of a vertical progression system that doesn’t fit GW2, all good reassurances that the Anet designers still have their eyes on their nontraditional prize.

Some people are excited about guild halls. I guess I’m okay. I figure that between the three guilds I belong to: a megaguild, a friends-and-family small/medium guild and a lone bank guild, I should be able to experience whatever the system holds.

The new PvP mode Stronghold sounds kinda interesting. Sounds a bit MOBA-like, imo, what with traveling with NPCs to go attack a guild lord. Apparently it may have some resemblances with older GW1 PVP modes? I wouldn’t know, I was never a PvPer in GW1.

Maybe it’ll have some people excited, especially with the potential to make guild teams and compete on a leaderboard. PvPers seem to like that sort of thing.


Also a new WvW map. Looks pretty. I’ll wait till I see it in action though. See if folks manage to adapt to it or no.

Also a new stress on defending and holding objectives. Yak’s Benders are happy, I dunno about the rest of the WvW regulars. I think it makes a certain amount of sense, but my days of spending hours in WvW fighting for server pride are pretty much over, especially with so much new PvE stuff to distract me, so I’m probably not the target audience. I kinda just hop in and hop out from time to time, is about it.

And if you have no idea what the hell I’m blabbing on about, the Heart of Thorns website is over here, with trailers and all that.

Meanwhile, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over here squeeing about the Revenant and wondering when the hell the release date is, because they conveniently neglected to do that just yet.

I know, let's have all the charr revenants that will be made
I know, let’s gather all the charr revenants that will be made and have Rytlock form us a new Legion: The Black Legion or the Legion of the Damned! (What, wrong game? Nuh uh.)

3 thoughts on “GW2: Heart of Thorns – First Reactions…

  1. I can confirm that Yaks Benders are indeed happy. Some of us at least. It was great to hear Colin describe WvW as being inside an RTS because that’s exactly what I always thought it was meant to be like.


  2. I look forward to being a chronomancer!

    Now I have to go look up what that is.

    Guild halls would be a nice way of implementing housing while maintaining The Vision and ensuring that resources would not be expended on empty homes. I can forsee hours of Landmark-style building if that’s how they choose to do it. Or maybe they’ll go prefab.

    I like it so far! I’m OK with the gliding as long as it’s not the wacky “bypass all encounters” type of gliding. More like movement convenience.

    I’m going to roll my eyes very hard, though, if it turns out that the members of DE 2.0 who fell from the airship just so happened to have GLIDERS with them. It’s the first thing I thought of when I saw that trio jump of the cliff to escape the baddie chasing them and then dramatically reappear with their gliders on display.

    Not that I wouldn’t mind Eir sticking around, but, you know.


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