On Difficulty and Performance in Games

I have not played Team Fortress 2 in three months.

I have never played Team Fortress 2 on a regular basis, though I did, once upon a time, play an engineer in Team Fortress Classic daily for 4+ hours until I regularly topped PUG server leaderboards or at least came in second place.

Would you not laugh at me if I were to join a random TF2 server as an engineer and expect/demand the same performance result right off the bat?

I played Batman: Arkham Asylum ages ago.

I was a fearsome terror that flapped in the night, chaining the sickest combos that stretched to the 20s and 30s, to the point that I was playing the challenge arenas and hitting most of the achievements and trying to improve my score little by little.

Years later, I picked up Batman: Arkham City…

…and my Batman SUCKED.

I couldn’t even chain 5 attacks. I was getting beat up by ordinary thugs on the street.

Obviously, this is the designers’ fault because they set the difficulty level too hard.

Couldn’t be me. I was a Batman GOD before this.

I have not played Skyrim in more than a year.

If I were to buy one of their DLC expansions and log back into my old character, who finished the game some time ago, what are the odds that I will be able to dive headfirst into the content without dying several times while I try to remember which button does what again, and how is my character set up to fight?

I guess this means this is a poor content addition and I should just give up now because I keep dying. It is too hard.


P.S. Full disclosure: It took me about halfway through Arkham City before I finally got the hang of the correct timing to press the appropriate buttons and remembered how to chain combos effectively and felt like Batman again.

I expect to do as badly for Arkham Knight this year.

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