10 thoughts on “Rubbing It In…

  1. Any mention of the F2P conversion? WoD certainly must be hurting them. I suppose they’ll notice more when the subs lapse. Not being cynical either, I want W* to survive.


    1. Dunno. I don’t think they necessarily need to convert to F2P. They may or may not still find a niche as a sub game, maybe with a free lowbie trial or some such.

      Hard to say, really, without any metrics. They were trying so hard to be a sci-fi WoW and attract the same crowd, but who knows how many have gone back to their old flame?

      Time will tell. I don’t really have strong feelings over whether it survives or not, just can’t resist making them eat that ‘hardcore’ raid advertisement one more time.


  2. In our new exalted position in T2 the zergs are now so large I often struggle to play and Mrs Bhagpuss, whose PC was already having issues with GW2, has largely given up trying. I’d kinda like a 20-person limit right now…20 per team that is.


  3. If you REALLY wanted to rub it in, you’d make a crack about GW2 players being able to play from Hour 1, Day 1 while after 10 years WoW players are sitting in 5000-player deep queues for hours only to be disconnected and kicked to the back of the line. It got so bad the moderators of r/wow even switched the whole subreddit to private as a form of protest.


    1. WoW has never made me pissed off with an advertisement about how “hardcore” they are? 😉

      But that has been done by someone else already:


  4. I don’t think raiding was the big thing Turing people away, it didn’t help but from my experience most people i know didn’t even make it to 50 to even start that process. The problem was more in the samey, stale leveling


  5. But as any hardcore raider will tell you, big numbers are just zerging. Real raids have been going down in size over the years as all of the baddies and slackers have been pared away. WoW has got raids down to 10 people, SWTOR has 8 man versions of its raids – when I started out in DAoC, that was a normal group size.

    In a few years, “raids” will consist of a single player character with an e-peen the size of a planet.


    1. Any noob can one-man a dungeon. The true elites zero-man the dungeon by seeding the random number generator in such a way that the monsters all accidentally kill themselves.


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