Ok, Had It With Twitter, Again

I am recently reminded why I never bothered with Twitter or other social media avenues for a very long time.

For Bragtoberfest, I decided to pay a bit more attention to my essentially placeholder account, since some planning and meetups and call out notifications were taking place on Twitter.

Besides a sudden (and rather scary) following of people who just upped and followed me, because that’s what you do in Twitter, I guess, like blogs, except I don’t have to know who’s paying attention to what I say in blogs, it’s just there for anyone who wants to stay and read…

(Assuming they have the patience to get through all that verbiage, which I think neatly whittles out the people I want to associate with from the ones I don’t.)

…which leads to a dilemma of “Do I follow this person back in return?”

It’s not that I don’t like any of you, even if I decided not to follow you or otherwise, but it’s more about how much spam and reading overload am I inflicting on myself?

The answer, as it turns out, is too damn much.

It’s too much of a “push” technology for me.

I may like you, but I really don’t want to hear about everything else you might be reading or doing or deciding that I might be interested in such-and-such topic as well.

I have my own reading list. It’s called Feedly. It caters to my own very customised set of tastes. You probably don’t want to hear about every last RSS feed I have on it, you’re probably just here for the games and MMOs topics.

I’m not going to be so crass as to suddenly stop following a whole spate of people in the hope of blissful silence once more, but I’ve decided the best way is to simply stop paying attention to and checking my Twitter account.

(I’ll make a small exception during the time period of the Bragtoberfest TF2 meetup and other such planned events, but I’m discovering that Twittering daily or more times than that is like asking to be placed on a spam list. Self-inflicted owwie.)

Hermits gotta be hermits. Noise is not conducive to hermitting.

But to be polite, in case someone is trying to contact me and wonders why I’m not responding, it’s cos I’ve stopped checking.

Feel free to poke me here on this blog or over other avenues to “hey, go check it for some purpose or other” and I’ll gladly do so, but I can’t do this “Hi, I’m here to see what spam my friends (or celebrities) have decided to send me this day/hour/second” thing anymore.

11 thoughts on “Ok, Had It With Twitter, Again

  1. And so ends another adventure into the land of twits haha..

    I had kind of the same problems when starting. Just a terrible signal to noise ratio although i’ve gotten better at scanning it now and picking out the interesting bits.


  2. Unless there is a giveaway involved I leave the land of twits well alone…
    In the land of the twits the one-armed, one-legged twit is hopping around harmlessly!


  3. There is definitely some work in getting Twitter to be what you want it to be. I am not keen on it becoming an alternate IM interface and tend to unfollow people who are very chatty, not because I do not like them but because that isn’t what I want. I want it to be a source of news and information, so for me the key has been to follow the people who will follow the noisy people and retweet only the important stuff.

    Every time I think I have that perfected, somebody suddenly has to live tweet some event or just goes nuts.


  4. This is sort of why I don’t use my Twitter account – I can’t really imagine how I would ever find the time to read the tweets. I already don’t have time to read the blogs I follow.


  5. I was poked and prodded into getting on Twitter during the NBI. I always swore I would avoid it. I hated hashtags. I still dislike their overuse, but I see their necessity with 140 character limits.

    Now that I’ve had an account for 6+ months, I’ve come to enjoy it to the point that I have basically stopped using Facebook, which for the past 5 or so years was my go-to social network.

    It does seem that our community is a bit on the chatty side sometimes, but I’ve enjoyed the interactions, even if it is rather brief with most of those I follow or who follow me. Usually it’s me and Murf and Eri talking shit amongst ourselves with occasional comments from others. I still feel more informed being on that site than I did when I just heard about stuff on blogs, and the info can sometimes be more punctual as it were.


  6. My apologies for tending toward the scary side of things – Halloween is just around the corner here in the U.S. and it’s my favorite time of year. For my part I’ve unfollowed you, for now, I guess, even though I think you’re really cool.

    As J3w3l said, there’s a pretty high signal-to-noise ratio there and so I end up doing a lot of skimming. I don’t mind so much reading the random thoughts or activities of bloggers that I know, such as when Byx (Lock and Bolt) shows everyone all the things she eats and pictures of her cat. Multiply that by ten or throw in people I don’t really know and that goes straight out the window.

    I try to be relatively selective about what I post and whom I follow to keep the signal end of things strong. I’ll post links to my latest blog articles even though most people who read my blog don’t get there via twitter. Otherwise, it’s something I think that’s informative or humorous or noteworthy. I’ll go back and delete things if they don’t hold up over time. It’s a nice way of broadcasting something that doesn’t merit an entire blog post unless your name is J3w3l and you post one-word wonders. *wink*

    I do generally prefer to digest thoughtful, informative, and thus often of necessity lengthy blog posts. Those generate the best reply comments and sometimes result in blog posts in turn (in addition to the blog posts generated because “someone on the internet was wrong”). So, while I see the relative value of Twitter, I think you and I are kindred spirits in a sense in that we prefer to inhabit virtual homes built using walls of text.


    1. I’m basically constitutionally incapable of skim reading, which I think is part of the problem I’m having. Everything is signal, until I read it and find out that it didn’t interest me after all, then it’s noise.

      Via blogs and RSS feeds, I can control the influx of information and things I want to and have time to read by clicking to read more, if the headline/initial paragraphs interest.

      Via Twitter, it’s a real time deluge of STUFF, some of which may be interesting but I can’t really tell it apart from the disinteresting until all of it gets read. It’s not like url links are very informative on Twitter either, it’s the equivalent of “click here” to be surprised!


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