GW2: Rainment of the Lich

Ah, the power of nostalgia.

So much luv.

Way back in Guild Wars 1 history, when the Hall of Monuments came out and I finally resolved to make a proper semi-optimized go at it, it became quite obvious that my initial ranger/monk super-casual dabbling main was going to have a hard time struggling through much of Eye of the North (to say nothing of hard mode attempts at the main chapter stories.)

The class I settled on for my new main – which was going to have to go through ALL the chapters AGAIN, before progress with the Hall of Monuments could be attempted – was the much talked-about imbagon.

Well, okay, paragon, but I was planning on dragging a bunch of stupid NPC heroes through a lengthy gauntlet of HoM tasks and between the choice of tanking for them on a warrior or some such and party wiping if things went wrong, or making the whole damn party tanks instead by basically rolling one’s face on the number keys… that was a pretty big argument in favor of a simple, spammy, idiot-proof playstyle.

Problem is, I really -hated- the characteristic silhouette of the Paragon.

The whole guardian angel thing was already fairly sappy, there was this entire love affair with the color white, and all Paragon armor basically looked like a cross between a kilt and a toga.

Picture from the Guild Wars wiki.
Picture from the Guild Wars wiki.

Not kidding you, go look at the paragon armor gallery if you want.

Yeah, some of it has armor plating, and some of it has spikes, but by and large, you were going to be looking like you were there to run a Greek marathon or something.

The Paragon weapon being a spear didn’t exactly help.

Now you looked like a javelin-thrower at the ancient Olympics.

Picking up the Rainment of the Lich for 10 bucks in Guild Wars 1 was the best not-quite-microtransaction I ever spent.


A paragon that isn’t white! Shock! Horror!

As for that particular shade of dye, I’m not quite sure how I arrived at it either.

I knew I wanted to be a unique color, not just a simple blue or red dye or whatever from a dye vendor, nor a simple compound color mix of two primary dyes.

There was some pink dye lying around from one of those Pink Day in LA celebrations… I grabbed some other dye out of my stash to mix with it randomly until an interesting contrast was obtained.

The rest is history. I went through many many HoM points looking like a vaguely demonic phantom and enjoyed it a lot more than I would’ve looking at paragon armor.

Knowing a Rainment of the Lich was coming in GW2 was one of those no-brainer must buys.

During the slow time after the sales, I’d already been converting gold into gems until I hit 700 in preparation for it.



Like all outfits, it has 4 channels of dye to play around with.


I know what I’m wearing for Guild Wars Halloween.

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