Minecraft: Agrarian Skies – Bragtoberfest Quickie


Such focus!

Despite me being very tempted to try out more and different modpacks in the last few days, I stuck it out for long enough to finish all the quests in Part 1: Learning to Skyblock.

The last quest kinda hurt a bit, since I had to turn in a very sophisticated and costly-to-make flux capacitor and never see it again.

Of course, there’s still a long long way to go for the rest of the quests.

I think I’m done with most of the basic Hell’s Kitchen cooking quests, as the rest are on hold until I start a cooking quest that has appeared in 8. The End.

(Yes, the last section of the quest book has been opened. Ooooh.)

That requires a stack of Delighted Meals and Supreme Pizzas, which are like the ultimate foods, so that might be a while yet. Especially since I suspect the quests after that will be to accumulate ridiculous quantities of the other foods.

In 3, Steel Powered Flight, it’s encouraging me to build reactors and a turbine housing that can only be obtained after playing with reactors. I’m… still kind of leery of trying out this section yet.

The thought of playing with radioactivity and big multi-block reactors suggests that I’d better make an isolated Three Mile Cobblestone Island somewhere far below the rest of my base, just in case there’s some kind of accident or whatever. I really hate hand building cobblestone islands though.

4. Bees and Trees is a promising line. I like the thought of finding biomes and planting hives to catch bees and working out how to breed them together and such. Except that for each biome, that means I’m going to have to make a cobblestone island base, fill it with dirt so as to have -some- grassland and flora so that the bees might actually have some, oh I dunno, natural surroundings in which to thrive.

5. As for the magic line, well, I want to make inroads on it eventually, but I’m still very intimidated by the massive tomes of stuff-I-have-no-clue-exists.

Also, some of the sources of elemental sky shards are very costly to break up to yield sky shards. So far I’ve only let a glacial precipitator produce a metric ton of ice, and then brought the stacks over to my automatic hammering machine, which yielded only 24 water shards at a 2% rate per ice hammered.

The rest of the other blocks are obsidian (god, imagine how long hammering those would take), TNT (I’m a little nervous that they might explode if not hammered and broken in time?), grass (that means dirt, and then growing grass on it, and either silk touching it up, or hammering it manually while in place), sandstone slabs (not so bad I guess, but that’ll take a while to get organized and not sure if the automatic hammerer can handle slabs) and netherrack (that means I’ll either have to do a Nether expedition and pray I don’t strike too many hellfish, or I’ll need to set up an automatic lava filling barrel system or something eventually…)

I suspect the most promising thing that I should be working on next is figuring out 6. For the Hoarding and the Applied Energistics storage system.

Getting that working should solve a lot of my storage chest problems, not to mention cut down on all the fluid and power pipes running all over the place.

I sort of have a big power system running in the basement now, fueled by one always-on magmatic dynamo and a large clump of energy cells acting as batteries to store power, so I think it’s time to see if that’s enough to run this matter-energy thingmajig or if I need to get more power on-line somehow.


Anyway, in other news, I can actually fly now.


Sort of. The power doesn’t last that long. Just enough to take a few joyflights around home base and hover down safely. That last is important.

It’s the lowest quality functional jetpack, so there’s still plenty of upgrading potential.

When I finally get around to it.

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