Bragtoberfest: Axon

J3w3l’s got us all playing flash games again.

Axon‘s an interesting one – very simple and elegant, click on the dots to create an ever-extending “nerve” cell, with a couple of power-ups and competing computer opponent nerve cells getting in your way.

It’s ostensibly educational, as an accompanying game to some kind of Brains exhibition. Each different length you create shows you a link to a different type of nerve cell, which I guiltily never read because I’m too busy wanting to play again for a higher score.

Whoever did the music for this one deserves a medal. The beat is hypnotic, almost like a heartbeat and the game seems best played in accompaniment to it, creating a flow experience it’s hard to snap out of.

Time for me to take a break for the night, with my highest score so far:


Still trying to push for the Kongregate “hard” achievement at 75,000, but… urgh… not tonight.

4 thoughts on “Bragtoberfest: Axon

  1. So Doone posted a score under 10k on Twitter, and I easily beat that, at 24k. J3w3l hit 32k and you more than doubled her… yeah I think I’m out. We’ll see what game she picks next. I didn’t really care for this one.


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