State of Mind: Scattered

Why, yes, today's guild missions are brought to you by Skittles.

I’ve kinda been all over the place in the last few days. Yes, even in my gaming and entertainment leisure time.

Kingdoms of Amalur went on Steam sale over the weekend, and I couldn’t resist picking it up and trying it out. It’s… kinda ho-hum. It looks pretty and decent enough. I was kinda expecting something Skyrim-like, but got something a touch more generic. The NPC interactions are all voiced and functional, but it weirds me out that they all seem to be giving me one generic response treating me like a human even though I chose to play an Alfar – eg. they stand around telling me all about the Alfar like a narrator, sometimes putting in their snide opinions about the race, while I’m standing over here thinking, “Don’t I look like an Alfar to you?”

Combat is third-person console action-like, a little bit Dark Souls-ish but probably a lot easier, with blocking and dodging and all kinds of weapons that you can eventually unlock combat combos for and stuff like that. There’s a certain slickness of presentation – eg. combat moves can be reviewed in a separate menu page which even kindly includes a short embedded video of what the move looks like when performed (very nice, more games should do this a la DOTA 2, etc.), the manual itself is integrated into a menu page for you to review if desired.

And there’s also clunky aspects, like promptly overloading myself when I unwittingly took stuff from a chest in town that was apparently extra weapon/armor DLC and me not being able to figure out where there’s a house or stash to put them in again… The quests are not especially thrilling me, they remind me a bit of a soulless typical MMO – lots of errands, little choice about how I can react to them or roleplay (if the quest suddenly decides you gotta kill these people, then you gotta kill the targets it wants you to kill, unless you don’t do the quest at all and don’t get the xp), and I don’t even have the fun of socially interacting with other people to boot.

We’ll see. It’s not a -bad- game per se. It just seems like I had slightly different expectations of what it could give me, going in, and I may have to turn to another game to get it, while playing this game for what it is, at a later date.

I’ve been sneaking in daily missions in Path of Exile. It’s about all the time I can spare for it at the moment.

I have a sudden urge to check out Marvel Heroes, but I’m really just too scattered this week to manage it.

A chance comment some time ago got me thinking about Babylon 5, and I decided to start a marathon session of it alongside my gaming during the more meditative, mindless moments. Also taking advantage of this to backup my DVDs into digital form – already had one minor scare when I found scratches on Disc 4 of Season 1 and it seemed unplayable in the DVD drive. Had to give it a mild polish with, of all things, toothpaste – making tons of smaller minute scratches to polish down the big one sufficiently to be read. Just starting Season 2 now.

There are more than a dozen things I could be and am sort of kinda maybe want to be doing in Guild Wars 2.

I’m not quite at the ‘overwhelm’ stage of can’t cope, but I’ve been distinctly squirreling all over the place in the last few days just unable to concentrate or focus much or decide on a direction.

  • There’s a nagging reminder in the back of my head that I need to update my guide and take out FGS references and clean up a few paragraphs that are unclear or slightly off course, now that the feature pack is out.
  • There’s my regular iron ore or platinum ore node runs. It’s a decent way to make pocket change off the dungeon runners, since I really don’t have the personality or playstyle to do 5-6+ dungeon runs a day. (It’s entirely possible there are crafter and TP middlemen in there as well, as the gold generated by dungeon running somehow filters down to the other player types through the TP.)
  • There’s another nagging reminder that I haven’t done a thing about the optional achievements for not-quite ‘hard-mode’ Living Story challenges for Dragon’s Reach Part 2.
  • There’s finding the time to attend TTS Teq or Wurm runs.
  • There’s finding the time to do some WvW – I hear there’s a tournament going on. Personally, I’ve been super grateful that the required participation this time around is only 5 events.

Mostly because I’m still having periodic driver issues with my X-Fi soundcard. Every now and then, while in GW2 and someone constantly talking over Mumble, a magic frequency or pitch will be hit, or the card just decides it’s had enough, or there’s a memory leak, or the driver just decides to malfunction, or I DON’T KNOW, the whole damn thing will freeze my computer for good. Cue hard reset, cue a lost place in WvW and no mood to continue because the continuity of whatever urgent battle there was has just vanished, cue an undetected soundcard on reboot, and about 15 minutes of Driver Sweeping all traces of the soundcard driver off my system and reinstalling the exact same drivers again.

It will then promptly go back to working for an unspecified period of time, playing MP3s, movies and VOIP with no issues whatsoever… UNTIL  IT DECIDES TO DO IT AGAIN.

The good news is that it’s looking likely that I’ll have accumulated enough spare budget for a new computer sometime in October *crosses fingers, hope I don’t jinx anything by saying it* and I might be able to finally stop playing on a toaster run by PotatoOS and relegate this box to being a secondary system.

It does mean that I need to factor some time in the next few weeks to research current computer hardware options for putting together an affordable dream computer. While pleasant to look forward to, it -is- another fairly big project on the to-do-sometime list making me even more scatterbrained, having too many choices of fun pleasant things to do with leisure time.

  • Back in GW2, there’s wanting to take advantage of the new money-making opportunities from the collections that just launched and changes to certain classes making certain gear suddenly more desirable, plus WvW tourney being in effect. Not going to specify more than that, since I don’t want my targeted niches to close too quickly, but let’s just say the prices of certain things have shot up to amounts that raise my eyebrows and have me going, “Oh man, I would SO DO THAT for 15 minutes over 15 minutes of CoF ad nauseam and get the same 1-2 gold from it.”
  • On a related note, camping out in the Font of Rhand also seems to have developed into a popular activity. I think it’s awesome, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I really enjoy that minidungeon and wish more people knew about it / experienced it. Well, these days the rewards seem to have become worth it for folks to portal others in, even. You get a daily rare on killing Rhendak, similar to a world boss. And with each new character, a daily chance at opening his chest, likely for blues and greens, but you might get a rare and maybe even the Chalice of Rhendak for the Treasure Hunter collection. There’s also trying to get him to cough up his exotic ring…. that’s going to take a while. He takes 10 minutes to respawn, which seems like a fair enough respawn time – I’ve been getting through quite a few Babylon 5 episodes while cycling through spare characters.
  • I’ve completely wiped out my fractal relics from making Mawdrey II. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m on the lookout for jumping into -some- fractals to get relics accumulated again.
  • There’s the dungeons collections, which I’ll probably never get in a hurry, but I wouldn’t be opposed to getting some more tokens whenever…
  • Oh, and there’s my new charr mesmer who’s level 24, just shy of my stagnated human mesmer at level 26, who seems more promisingly fun to level. Sometimes it’s really about looks and feel of your character, I guess. I’d love to get him back into leveling and map exploring… except I seem to have gotten stuck waiting for the buggy mines in one of Diessa Plateau’s hearts to be fixed (can’t interact with them) and have somehow ended up camped out in Rhendak’s underwater chamber after chowing down enough skill scrolls to cheat my way to getting Portal on the utility  bar.

Yeah, I think you get the idea.

There’s plenty of other RL stuff that I ought to be getting done somewhen as well.

I think I’m eventually just going to have to sit down, sacrifice an hour to make a list and prioritize one thing over another, but yeah, squirrel mind is being squirrely at present.

I expect blog posting and updates to be fairly squirrely for the next week or two too.