By the Second Day of Steam Sales…

…my wallet gave to me…

  • 5 bucks for trading trading cards

(because selling Summer Adventure spares makes $$ and buying ten cent trading cards to sneak a point in when my team looks to be winning the day sounds like buying a cheap lottery ticket)

  • 4 XCOM titles

(ok, the complete edition Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within and its two pieces of DLC – even though I know it will go cheaper later, but I made the mistake of downloading and trying the demo and have now convinced myself I’ve put it off for long enough)

  • 3 spare games

(State of Decay, Monaco, the entire Leisure Suit Larry Collection – that last title from GoG – at least these were good 75% off deals for games that I wanted and managed to wait long enough)

  • 2 more DLCs

(Reign of Giants for Don’t Starve, and Dragonfall for Shadowrun – totally not at 75% off, but ehh, I do love both games and can sort of justify paying more to support the developer)

  • and one serious case of zero self-control.

On the bright side, all totaled up, it still costs less than an MMO box on launch day.

The bad news is, there’s ten more days of this?!


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