GW2: The Other Spectrum of Handholding

Lest it be said that I am not an equal opportunity fun-poker…

…here’s what might happen in a game which gives you plenty of choice, rather than forcing you and leading you by the nose down a 12-step program.

First Lvl 80 in GW2 – How Do I Get Good Gear?


I did have it in mind to make a beautiful-looking 12-step attunement-like chart that shows off the range of choice and alternatives for doing so.

But that would actually take -work- and time.

While that is on the backburner, if you did somehow stumble onto this looking for real help:

  • Get a set of Soldier’s exotics from the Orr Temples for karma, or from WvW using badges of honor.
  • Get a set of Berserker’s exotics and weapons from WvW, dungeons, crafting or the TP.
  • Get exotic Berserker trinkets from crafting, the TP, or look into your Ascended options with laurels, WvW badges and guild commendations.

Those should -generally- stand you in decent stead for most power builds for dungeoneering and basic WvW until you have more time and experience to get all finesse and experimental with condition builds or more toughness/vitality/healing WvW builds.

And guess what, those won’t obsolete in a hurry with every new raid boss released! They’ll be good for a long time until you -choose- to upgrade them with fancy schmancy Ascended options.

3 thoughts on “GW2: The Other Spectrum of Handholding

  1. The mechanics in GW2 in this regard are highly complicated and overly convoluted.I miss GW1 in this manner, hit level the cap and get one set of gear which pretty much works everywhere, with little effort or grind, only variation is builds which are easily saved and switchable on the fly.So easy and fun.

    They are on the right track with PvP builds in GW2 and I realize certain classes and builds can transition easily between formats but I can’t be arsed with WvW on certain characters which use totally different builds/gear for PvE. By the time I switch all my gear out and change my traits I can’t even be bothered.

  2. Quite honestly a genuine casual, if such a person even exists in 2014, could perfectly well hit 80 and carry on for months if not years in whatever mismatched set of greens and yellows they happened to have dinged in. I have two characters still in all yellows and they are perfectly playable.

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