Wildstar: Holy Hamster Wheel, Batman!

I lurk around in the Wildstar Reddit since it’s a hop and skip over from the GW2 one, mostly out of curiosity to see how their players are receiving the game.

Then I got sucked into a thread which asked if anyone was raiding yet, followed a link or two, and found the 12-Step Attunement Program to even qualify for Wildstar raids.

The infographic is certainly very pretty.

Can the enforced time-sucking design of subscription games be made any more obvious though?

It makes me chuckle.

11 thoughts on “Wildstar: Holy Hamster Wheel, Batman!

  1. Wow… O_O
    That list is just silly. even the kids who think this is so cool and l33t are gonna hate it once they realize what that means for guild recruitment. doing a 100 jailbreaks in WoW was easy in comparison to this. competitive raid guilds are gonna claw each others eyes out over candidates,

    I give Carbine 6 months max until they lower the raiding requirements considerably. I like attunements but excluding a big part of any playerbase from even putting a foot into raids is just blah.


  2. Congratulations Jeromai, I think you have officially started A Thing with that link. My response to it officially has 200% more comments than I usually get on a good day 😛 Seriously though – this seems to be the point where the New Shiny and (vanilla) WoW Nostalgia both collide with the ongoing hardcore/casual debate, resulting in a massive multi-car fender bender…


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