GW2: Story Journal Announcement Reaction

I’m going to take a page from the Mif playbook for this one:


Alas, my asura is just nowhere nearly as cute.

Story Journal sounds very good on paper nonetheless.

Undoubtedly there will be little hitches and bugs here and there in the implementation, but also just as undoubtedly, one has full confidence that there will be fixes and relentless iteration until it is satisfactory.

Now where the hell is my unbugged WvW Season 2 chest?

*paces around impatiently while waiting for the fix to arrive*

5 thoughts on “GW2: Story Journal Announcement Reaction

  1. I could write a thesis on exactly how Living Story 2.0 reneges not only on everything GW2 originally promised but also on all the things the Living Story project itself promised. Unfortunately (or possibly fortunately…) I’m going on holiday so I don’t have time.

    Sad thing is that hardly any MMO players seem to want even an approximation of a “living world”, where things happen in real time and you either make time to be there or miss out. A lot thought they did but when they got something even a little like that they suddenly decided they wanted something entirely less emotionally demanding, so here we are.

    Bearing that in mind, it looks pretty good. Looking forward to it. At least we get a new map.


    1. Reading that blog post, is Season 2 is going to be anything other than a bunch of instanced story missions and (presumably) new zone(s) to put them in? I realized playing around in Tokyo this weekend that that’s exactly what Secret World is selling, but TSW’s writing/storytelling/atmosphere/etc. is (IMO) way better.


      1. I suspect there will be new permanent content in the mix as well… one or two Maguuma jungle zones sound suspiciously reasonable.

        Zones have dynamic events. Open world bosses could be found/placed in those zones. Even a dungeon or two? No one really knows but Anet though. July awaits!


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