GW2: Ascended Cooking Recipes Data-Mined!

Pursuant with the release of news of the Rise of the Tengu expansion for Guild Wars 2, I decided that data-mining would be the next intriguing lateral progression activity to try in GW2.

While it’s a lot harder than it looks, I’m pleased to share some of the stuff that appears to be coming with the release of the new Maguuma tropical jungle zones.

Ascended Cooking will be in, letting us craft to 500. Here are two of the high-resolution food icons and recipes I managed to find:


Bowl of Chickpea Curry

Level 90

Duration: 1h

+ 100 Ferocity

+ 70 Power

Output Qty: 1

1 Bowl of Chickpea Soup

1 Jar of Red Curry Paste

1 Unidentified Orange Dye (Rare)

10 Thermocatalytic Reagents


Bowl of Lettuce and Cucumber Salad

Level 90

Duration: 1h

+100% Chance to gain swiftness on kill

+15% Damage while moving

Output Qty: 1

Head of Lettuce

1 Cucumber

1 Bottle of Tropical Dressing

1 Bottle of Elonian Wine

It’s looking pretty likely that cucumbers will be part of the new expansion and either harvestable from jungle vine nodes, or bought in bulk from karma vendors.

Can’t wait to play a Tengu myself.

Sucks about the special character slot needed though. Time to hoard more gold to convert to gems. Dungeons ahoy!

Guess it’s time to join one of those elitist dungeon guilds and grind out 10 of ’em a day.

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