GW2: Battle For Lion’s Arch – First Thoughts (No Spoilers)

ArenaNet has learned a lot over the past year.

It shows.

Much better blend of narrative and gameplay – soloing and grouping and cutscenes used in the right spots to give a cohesive storytelling experience, while still having mechanics that are not too insanely hard for loose collections of people, with harder optional achievements, and rewards that feel about right – not too cheap, not too Monty Haul.

Well worth one’s time.

Minor nitpicks are just that. Minor.

Try it now. We’ll talk spoilers in a few days.

10 thoughts on “GW2: Battle For Lion’s Arch – First Thoughts (No Spoilers)

  1. “ArenaNet has learned a lot over the past year.”

    Now I have higher hopes about the Second Season Living Story.


  2. They’re definitely learning to tune stuff for PUGs.

    Main problem I’m seeing is the PUGs are not big on dropping condition fields, projectile absorb/reflects, AOE might, and water fields. It’s noticeable how much faster some of the LA champ events go if a couple of players busy themselves with support roles while everyone else pew-pews from the blob.

    Anybody sticking to the NPCs as they move to the main openworld LA events each hour? Anything new and unusual for them? I’ve noticed the named NPCs actively rez downed players.


    1. Support roles? What heresy! Everyone knows all the cool kids are in zerker l2dodge dps mode! Melee or GTFO!

      *hides the banners and banner regen trait I swapped back into, the fast healer reviving that came as a side benefit, not to mention the rifle that was invaluable for the In Tune achievement*

      I am admittedly amused by seeing how quickly or not some overflows and timezones learn over others. My local timezone seems especially slow… Ah well, bound to be just a matter of time.


    2. ” I’ve noticed the named NPCs actively rez downed players.”

      I noted the same thing, but non-named NPC too are activelly rez downed players. IMHO they are implementing a better AI for NPCs.


  3. They’ve probably (smartly) err’ed on the side of making it seem difficult without being too difficult. They are wrapping up a story, the narrative there needs to be accessible to anybody who cares to listen. One of the achievements in the meta gets you access to the “end instance” without the romp through the military campaign, seek out the “story swirly” on the west side of the map. Pretty sure you can get the access items you need for that off TP.

    An enjoyable, if at times confusing, evening of PUG’ing. Not sure if there’s enough replay value to intentionally go for the meta on this one. This will likely be another case of letting the dailies fill out the meta count. The explorer in me may demand that I follow some of the LA NPCs around and poke around a bit before they change thing over to “rebuilding Lion’s Arch”.


    1. IMHO, maybe we don’t see “rebuilding LA” soon. The end of the story show that Scarlet’s Generals and troops are alive. My guess is that they will stay at LA for long time.

      I think LA will stay a “adventure” zone, with players fighting Molten Alliance, Toxic Alliance and Aetherblades mobs and events.

      Too take note that end of story cinematic show a jungle zone. We can hope new zones will open with the Living Story Second Season.


  4. Notes,

    After you defeat Scarlet, go talk to some of the named NPCs. Some have ambient voice tracks that trigger outside of the dialogue the first time you interact with the after the achievement.

    If Kiel isn’t meant to be revealed as a villain at some point, the long term pairing with -o-Tron is very needed. A not too direct comic relief partner and personal assistant for an overly competent straight character. Plus we already have a very convoluted back story for the pairing, which is fitting for a town full of pirates, merchants, vagabonds, and adventurers.

    I like the unintentional mirror of Scarlet’s internal conflict in -o-Tron’s adventure. Scarlet’s theme is getting irretrievably lost after trying to break free of the confines of her assigned “role”. Job|Hobo|Hoho|Heal-o-tron has transcended the confines of its indebtedness and punishment, to return to work as a snarky petty manager and personal assistant.


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