GW2: Wait, Why Did We Want to Run Away Again?

On the bright side, at least it's not made of terribly expensive hard-to-obtain materials

They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our city!

O… Wait…

Dem feels.

Remind me to get a second round of screenshots sometime this week.

Already went for a quick pass because I’m a paranoid story speculator, but this about cinches it.

This just in: Beachfront property values take a nosedive...
This just in: Beachfront property values take a nosedive…

Bout time, though. Bout time for real consequence, and hopefully, gradual reconstruction some day.

The poor lion's days are numbered once more...
The poor lion’s days are numbered once more…

4 thoughts on “GW2: Wait, Why Did We Want to Run Away Again?

  1. Ok, let me see if I understood it…

    Anet REALLY intend to destroy an entire zone, the central hub transportation city, the place where some important personal story quest happens (I guess they will need move that personal story quests to other place, right?), the place where all players gather for craft?

    I saw the hints from last living world chapter, but I never believed it.

    Oh sh*t!

    They are crazy!


  2. Hey! We might win!

    The video is excellent – really affecting. The voice-over sounds remarkably like the City of Steam one which I also like a lot – could be the same voice artist even.

    I thought it was very interesting how, in the accompanying Massively article, ANet make great play of how much they’ve learned from and since the Karka invasion, most of which appears to be “don’t inconvenience people who just want to get on with the Personal Story”. I still wonder just how much will actually change.

    If we just end up with a bunch of replaced art assets and business as usual in a “battered but still standing” Lion’s Arch I don’t think it will count for all that much, though it’ll be fun to experience as it happens. If LA is out for the count as a player hub and we all have to relocate our standing-around-gossipping time to Divinity’s Reach I’ll be more impressed.


    1. The Massively article mentions the relocation of various conveniences to the Vigil Keep and that it’s going to be a little less stroll-in-the-park to get map exploration points as compared to the LA of today.

      I’m assuming that rather implies something a little more Orr-like in terms of hostile mob density…


  3. This will be a good test of the living story’s resolve. I’ve wanted to burn LA and all its criminal inhabitants to the ground for a long time (probably why they don’t let me log in anymore) but I feel destroying that hub will encourage people to experience more of the game.

    Basically I want the baddies, not so much win but at least make the area so toxic and or destroyed that even in defeat the NPCs are forced to abandon that ruin. Don’t mind if the genie gets killed in the process though. That dude is a bastard. 😛


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