My Particularly Fascinating Brand of Raiding Malaise…

I woke up at 8am today.

I forgot to eat until 8pm.

Perhaps this might help to explain why I’m so allergic to, and personally wary of raids.

Yes, I know it’s unhealthy. The first thing I thought when I finally looked at the time was “Oh god, not again…”

I play games. I’m not immune to how these games are designed.

It’s so easy to get carried away down the slippery slope of the uber hardcore…

It’s just for a few days, right?

2 thoughts on “My Particularly Fascinating Brand of Raiding Malaise…

  1. It was pretty bad when I was a kid and it was the summer. Nothing but game and sleep. Snacks when hunger pains became far too noticeable.

    In my adulthood, I know to get up, eat, take a walk, hug a cat, etc. Much better!


  2. There are sooo many things in this life that are supposedly unhealthy for us. technically, I’ve done probably 50 things today that were unhealthy, even life threatening. so, as far as I am able to make choices, I choose gaming as one of my many unhealthy things then. 😉 no regrets.


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