GW2: Sigh, I’m Not Sure Why I Even Bother Trying

Remember that plea for less latency reliant jumping puzzles?


Didn’t happen.

113 apparently arbitrary wind blowbacks and counting.

Also, it is nigh impossible to jump with any precision when your character gets stuck in the fallen flat position.

12 thoughts on “GW2: Sigh, I’m Not Sure Why I Even Bother Trying

  1. That glitch is one of the most annoying, if not weird to watch glitches- it gets norns as well. Can you jump like that? I’ve never tried, just slid around.
    Charr problems everywhere!:/
    Kudos for being persistent though 🙂


    1. It got my asura as well, which was when I flung my hands up and gave up for the day. No daily for me.

      You can indeed jump like that, but if you think estimating where a hitbox is when your character is on four legs is tough… it’s even trickier to figure out where the real hitbox is, when flattened out.


  2. Try dodge-jumping through the area where the wind blows. Dodgejump to get on the candy cane and dodge again just to make sure.



    1. I’m afraid it’s not the entirely predictable and avoidable misty grey wind blowing from the snowman that I’m referring to.

      It’s the completely random and highly arbitrary blue wind blowing animation that is -supposed- to send you back to the start when you fall, but catches you while you’re standing on an iceflake platform, jumping from one to another, and at any damn time it feels like it.

      Forums suggest that many people don’t have this problem, so I can only conclude it is either a rare and hard to replicate bug…or more likely and logically, given the prior examples of getting knocked down in mid-air by disappearing platforms in the SAB, latency-related.


      1. That arbitrary wind is frankly bugs and shouldn’t be hitting you. It must be due to latency.

        Regarding that position you’re bugging into, I read that doing a sit emote will unstick you.


        1. It’s super-frustrating, that’s what it is. To know that practically everyone else isn’t affected by it, while getting returned to start 3-5 times in one first phase attempt. There’s absolutely nothing in your capacity to control. One has to just bear it and wonder if anyone will bother trying to fix it, which seems unlikely if 99% of people aren’t affected.

          I’ll try the sit emote thing, that will at least spare me the rage of having to zone in and zone out.


          1. I know the feeling. I had issues with that sort of thing in the Super Adventure Box Trib mode any time there was green water and disappearing lily pads you had to jump over. It was completely latency and there was nothing I could do about it. It was horrible. :/


    1. It would be enjoyable, if it weren’t so buggy.

      Funny how that seems to be a common theme now.

      There’s a lot of other stuff to do that is keeping me occupied, which is why I can’t really be bothered to get worked up enough to start bug reporting on forums and stuff. A little rant to get it off my chest, and then fergeddabout it, pretty much.

      Oh, and the game design lesson that random arbitrary shit is unfair, breaks up flow, makes players rage and inclined to just shrug and throw the notion of completing your (mini)game in the dustbin.


      1. I can’t say I encounter that many bugs in the game. The only technical thing that often hampers my enjoyment is bad fps, but that’s a problem on my end.

        I’m sorry that you seem to be encountering so many. 😦


  3. I got that flat on my face glitch as well. Tried to jump like that, worked for about five jumps before I failed 😛 To make it go away, just type in one of the emotes, like /dance and you will get normal again.


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