GW2: In Which I Support A Token Buy System Over RNG

After running out of bank space, the rest was slowly converted into cobs until the magic number 14 was reached.
After running out of bank space, the rest was slowly converted into cobs per 1000 until the magic number 14 was reached. Eagerly waiting for this moment, it was time to grab the rest (and have a bit left over for any other emergency recipes.)
A point of no return. (Though it was pretty much game, set and match once the candy corn to cob conversions begun.)
Not really sure, no. Point of no return. (Though it was pretty much game, set and match once the candy corn to cob conversions begun. Suppose I still could have sold ’em on the TP for another gullible fool.)
He's a little shy.
He’s a little shy. Bad parental upbringing, I suppose.


Proof of concept: I suppose it -is- possible to attain within 30 days.

Each stack was bought at buy order rates of 1.3-1.5 gold, which makes a grand total of 120g spent, around 5 gold a day without too much pain but yielding zero accumulation of wealth through the entire month.

Bright side, I did actually get a rare souvenir from the event this time via token-buy, rather than rabidly running a dungeon over the course of one month and not even seeing one of the super-rare skins, thanks to RNG.

Additional silver lining: all of the other exotic minis on the TP now seem obtainable after this, though it may end up taking a month per.

I was “encouraged” (well, pushed by economics) to visit more dungeons and get familiar with them, which is an overall benefit.

My final 1.5 gold for the last stack was hard-earned in a memorable Ascalonian Catacombs with four low AP newbies (three of whom were non-80 lowbies) where my bleeding heart walked a barely 500 AP level 65 warrior through running through mobs without dying. It involved coaching about stunbreakers and stability skills, running with him and even putting on high toughness gear at a few points to soak the aggro. The total party dps was so poor that we did the run to the final boss so many times that visible improvement in running skills were seen across the board. I was pulling out more fire elemental powders than used in Teq fights to try and up damage further before everybody squished. The really amazing thing was no one gave up. (Just please don’t ask me to do it again any time soon.)

Is asking for 20,000 candy corns still more than a little nuts?


I spent 120g and all I got was an expensive pumpkin decoration.
I spent 120g on way too many sweets and all I got was an expensive pumpkin decoration.

2 thoughts on “GW2: In Which I Support A Token Buy System Over RNG

  1. I think it’s interesting to point out that, you make a distinction of buying the RNG tokens (candy corn, and it is RNG by strict definition) and turning in the tokens for a reward, versus buying the reward directly from the trading post.

    You’re not alone in this, of course. To this day I hear people complain about RNG BLC weapon skins, which confuses me to no end because as I’m reading these people complaining, I’m buying the Jade skin, or the Zodiac skin off the TP. No RNG involved.

    It’s fascinating to me when people make this distinction, because for all intents and purposes the end results are the same: you spent gold, and as a result got a guaranteed reward. I think there’s a real difference in “feel” for people when they buy an item from another player, versus creating it themselves. Wonder then, if it’s more acceptable to people if BL scraps/tickets become tradeable, instead of the skins themselves.



    1. To be honest, the title is just irony. And poking fun at my RNG luck.

      If I really wanted the monocle or the jetpack badly, as you said, I would have taken the alternate route of getting it off the TP.

      And in my rabid visitation of the dungeons to see if I’d ever get lucky, I’m sure I contributed to statistics that said RNG keeps players interested in an activity for longer and thus supported RNG too.

      I’ve opened lockboxes, mostly with in-game time-earned keys, but I did buy 5 for fun once. Which makes me a terrible person in the eyes of those who hate lockboxes, I suppose. 🙂

      But you’re right in that there’s a difference in feel between creating it oneself (crafting or earning it) versus just trading for it. I prefer the former myself, but am not adverse to doing the latter if it’s a lot cheaper to do so.

      In the case of candy corn and toxic spores, it was a lot easier to buy off the TP than try to earn every dang piece myself.

      And for the record, I appreciate having the TP around providing an alternate option. Being stuck to one way of getting something would induce a -lot- of ranting and whining on here in short order. 😛


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