GW2: Tower of Nightmares – First Thoughts

I really wanted it to be more spiky and less...flowery.




And Toxic Alliance? Really?

Could no one have come up with a better name for them? The Venomous Court, fer example.

Toxic this, toxic that, anti-toxin everywhere… I need a round of detoxification by the time I’m done with this update.

Well, so now that the hope of getting some pure krait and some Bubbles-related non-Scarlet contaminated stuff is no longer a reality, we are at least on track with the thorns/evil nightmare/Scarlet-related themes and continuing the storyline of 1001 Alternate Alliance Nights.

The biggest vibe I get from this is a Molten Alliance do-over. How Flame and Frost should have started.

  • Foreshadowing.
  • A noticeable change in the landscape.
  • Two relatively likeable characters to follow the story with. (So how many people are shipping Marjory and Kasmeer by now?)
  • Obvious dynamic events across the zones involved, not just repairing signs. Putting the bulk of activity back into the open world where it should belong.
  • Decently achievable achievements.

The new faction, besides the puke-inducing name, looks well-built.

The new krait models look good (I’m always partial to glows) and the coiling animations are sweet.

The nightmare court offshoot follows the twisted clockwork pattern of having a downed state and requiring a finisher, which kills a number of birds with the same stone – PvE folks get to show off pretty gem store finishers if they want, it ups the sophistication level of the PvE fight to something a bit more PvP-like and increases the theoretical difficulty of the faction somewhat (though with the amount of enthusiastic zerging on, it’s hard to tell as yet. We await the dungeons.)

The dreamthistle weapons are pretty sweet as well. I’m glad I’m still sitting on a Black Lion ticket, though I still have the issue of who to put it on and what weapon to upgrade. If not for being broke from regearing my thief, I’d consider upgrading my sylvari necro beyond functional althood. Oh well, always another month of accumulating more gold.

With everything so smooth and comfortable, why is it that I can’t seem to work up the enthusiasm to care very much this week?

I log in, try and get a little bit of the way towards some achievement or other, do a few Toxic Alliance DEs in Kessex, log right back out again while still telling myself that I’m not done with all the doable dailies yet and that I’ll do them… later.

Perhaps it’s having too many goals spreading my attention.

  • I’m not done with the WvW season 1 achievements, and I really hate them hanging over my head like that. I logically know they are supposed to last for 7 weeks and that I can take my time with them, but but…
  • There’s one more Mad King Says achievement that should thankfully be checked off by tonight.
  • I still haven’t decided if I should give up on the Bloody Prince mini or not. Not would mean that I should direct my attention more towards dungeon-running and gold-making, which would also conveniently increase my familiarity with more dungeons – something I do want to do and expand my repetoire beyond the CoF comfort zone.
  • There’s still Tequatl. There’s ALWAYS going to be Tequatl. Goddamn, I want that mini so fucking much. (On the bright side, I did get -one- rare aquabreather once that is for heavy armor users, which is awesome. Except I have two guardians and a warrior and I haven’t decided who to put it on yet. It’s decent gold and rares every day, regardless, for someone who can’t be arsed to use timers and chase world boss spawns.)

Maybe it’s just the other things going on in my life occupying my leisure time attention.

Playing Terraria requires a good bit of goals-planning and wiki-reading, not to mention actual building and adventuring time that would distract from GW2.

I’ve also been working on a semi-secret project that is still a work-in-progress that I hope to be able to share soon. It’s sort of GW2-related, but involves more work with the hands and time away from a computer. As it takes shape, I keep wanting to sit down with it more than grind out the next 5 pristine toxic spores.

Oh well, all in good time. I need more patience with this sort of gradual progress. I keep wanting to have everything done and finished, rather than left open and steadily worked on.

8 thoughts on “GW2: Tower of Nightmares – First Thoughts

  1. Not sure about the “always” going to be Tequatl, in his current state anyway. If his power up was tied to whatever toxins the krait are spreading then you’d think he’d change again (into something worse? dunno) when the story arc is done… which may be far far away yet.

    Should we be worried if Scarlet and her alliances are still around in 2015? ;p


  2. I was looking forward to this update as it looked like it could be interesting regarding the krait. But it seems it’s just more Scarlet garbage. It makes no sense for the krait to be allied with her. And the name.. yeah.. I totally rolled my eyes when I read it.

    Some of it is well done. I like the build up.. the sudden changing of landscape. The krait do look cool as well as the whole area and the tower. The hallucination effects, especially the sound effects, are cool. But all in all, the update is yet another achievement checklist with a villain most people don’t seem to like and a way to put more stuff in the gem store. Seriously, when are we going to get new weapons and armors to earn ingame?

    I recently bought the original Guild Wars and I’ve been spending more time in that than in GW2. It makes me wish for more tough things I can do on my own in GW2.


  3. I think Anet plan is working…

    Quit all other games, play only GW2. You will need that time for complete all things they are throwing at you.

    And maybe that be their vengeance to everyone that said GW2 don’t had content…


  4. I seem to be in a minority among bloggers I follow in finding this one of the most impressive LS updates for a while. Not only does it bring some actual change to the “real” Tyria and add some combat mechanics that in retrospect I realize have always been missing, but for the first time I think I might be starting to glimpse the underlying structure of the narrative. At least the theme is starting to come clear. Duality.

    I don’t have much confidence in the current writing team doing much of any great interest *with* either the structure or the theme but I’m relieved to see evidence that they at least *have* them.


    1. @bhagpuss “Not only does it bring some actual change to the “real” Tyria […]”

      I remember a lot of people made critics to Anet because the living story do’nt added any permanent changes to the “world”.

      I see Anet is having its revenge… but I fear we will gain a huge jumping puzzle.

      With relation to the story, maybe they can make George R. R. Martin to write it. I am sure we will see festive marriage’s parties… I guess what GRRM can make with a character as the Mad King…

      But I fear we will see, sooner or later, Anet writing team having its revenge too…


    2. Duality, hmm. I see “strength through unity” as what underlies a lot of the game (including the event system). But either way, Scarlet’s the one using it against us, which is interesting in theory but has gotten a little tired in practice.


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