NBI: The Newbie Blogger Initiative is Back!

Got an opinion about games?

Taken a bunch of screenshots or have MMO stories you’d love to share?

Don’t like that your comment gets lost in a sea of inane utterings from people out to spam and troll, rather than engage in a discussion?

What you need is your very own blog!

This October, the Newbie Blogger Initiative is back for round 2!

Its goal: To create a community of game bloggers that can offer a friendly network of support and encouragement for any and all aspiring newbies who want to be part of that amorphously-defined “blogosphere.”

Throughout the month, sponsor blogs will be helping to promote the event and provide blogging advice.

They’ll be doing their best to be eyes and direct traffic to new blogs to assist in getting over that first hurdle where you proudly post something online and promptly deflate when tumbleweeds roll by and find yourself begging for even a bot to be interested in visiting…

My blog and I are happy to be living proof that the NBI works.


I joined the tail end of the NBI in May, and as you can see, the first month of June was… heh.

Things have only gotten better from there.

I owe a big debt of gratitude to both Bhagpuss and Ravious, two venerable blogging veterans who somehow enjoy my writing so much they hurl traffic in my direction every chance they get.

Hugh from the MMO Melting Pot was also instrumental in sending initial visitors my way, and when MMO Gypsy Syl of the then Raging Monkeys (I still love that name!) stumbled over one of my posts, things really got rocking when I got added to her blogroll.

You know why I name names?

Forget the stats, this is the TRUE magic of the NBI.

It’s the people you meet. The exchanges you have. (Of hopefully friendly banter.)

The new blogs and wonderful writing you get to read.

All my colleagues and fellow alumni of the first NBI, I still read with avid interest and occasionally jump in with a comment – Eri / J3w3l, Ocho, Paeroka, Rakuno, to name just a few.

By starting your blog now, you get to be the class of 2013, with all the magic that happens when you have a collective to interact with.


If you’re a new blogger, here’s what to do:

Come by the Newbie Blogger Iniatitive forums and read this introductory post on how to get started with it all.

Then sign up, ask your questions, make your plans, read whatever surrounding resources you feel like and don’t forget to write!

For sponsors, it’s also not too late to join in the fun.

Pop by the forums to check out all the stuff planned in October, sign up as a sponsor and participate!

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