GW2: SAB World 2 Zone 1 – Quick Reference Guide to Baubles

  • 20 + 20 baubles – SECRET / DIG – Enter room, dig, jump water spouts, collect 1 2


  • 10 baubles – COLLECT – behind waterfall 2


  • 20 baubles – DIG – left side waterfall 2



  • 20 baubles – DIG – right side waterfall 2



  • 50 baubles – DIG – after checkpoint, before bridge of assassins, drop down right side cliff



  • 20 baubles – CHEST – past secret bear cave accessed via lower flower at waterfall


  • 20 baubles – DIG – drop down from chest area 2


  • 50 baubles – DIG – from chest area, use cliffs to head backward to plant 2 (involves backtracking, YMMV)



  • 50 baubles – DIG – from chest area, top platforms around to orange frogs 2


  • 50 + 5 baubles – BOMB/COLLECT/DIG – past piranha bend checkpoint, left and backwards 1 2



  • 20 baubles – DIG – fall down past hillbillies, up stream and mushrooms (also COLLECT 10 baubles from outside hillbilly maze) 2


  • 20 baubles – BOMB – by start of logs across rapids, drop and enter hidden room 2


  • 50 baubles – DIG – after log sequence, burn trees



  1. Dulfy (world 2 achievement guide, digging locations)
  2. Reddit (Gwikki, imgur guide)


This is not meant to be a comprehensive coverage guide. Besides not magically knowing every single location, I have chosen on purpose to leave out a few known sites because they involve way too much backtracking for my liking for too little bauble reward.

This is simply a reference for myself to follow as I move in the general direction of straight ahead to the boss, because I have bad memory and I can update my own blog the fastest as I discover/hear about new sites.

But you’re perfectly welcome to share. If the brevity and lone screenshots do not sufficiently guide you, please see sources above for further elaboration.

Unattributed locations were independently discovered by moi.

2 thoughts on “GW2: SAB World 2 Zone 1 – Quick Reference Guide to Baubles

  1. Jeromai says:

    Both Gwikki and Dulfy show the location of the last chest containing 50 baubles by the vertical descending log waterfall. It’s…not the easiest slog through bears, bears, bears.

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