GW2: SAB World 1 Zone 3 – Quick Reference Guide to Baubles

  • 20 10 baubles – DIG – take a right up the branch and flowers before first checkpoint


  • 20 baubles – DIG – Inside Queen Bee Dog Maze, first cliff corner on left 1


  • 50 baubles – DIG – Take a right at Queen Bee, hop the wall 1


  • 50 baubles – DIG – take top checkpoint, get to log, jump out hole and over 1


  • 40 baubles – CHEST – last of three chests if you have a key


  • 20 baubles – DIG – left of this last chest, hop flower to cliff


Moving on to World 2 Zone 1….


  1. Dulfy (world 1 secrets, world 1 dig locations)


This is not meant to be a comprehensive coverage guide. Besides not magically knowing every single location, I have chosen on purpose to leave out a few known sites because they involve way too much backtracking for my liking for too little bauble reward.

This is simply a reference for myself to follow as I move in the general direction of straight ahead to the boss, because I have bad memory and I can update my own blog the fastest as I discover/hear about new sites.

But you’re perfectly welcome to share. If the brevity and lone screenshots do not sufficiently guide you, please see sources above for further elaboration.

Unattributed locations were independently discovered by moi.

4 thoughts on “GW2: SAB World 1 Zone 3 – Quick Reference Guide to Baubles

  1. Left out on purpose the first loong jump across multiple flowers after coming out of the log. If you feel up to it, that is another 20 baubles.

    I also assume you can find the nearest chest on your own when a key drops. I may update chest locations later as and when keys drop for me.


  2. I cannot for the life of me remember how to get up on to that last log (3rd to last picture).. and dulfy’s guides are no help as she does that bit in Infantile mode. I also can’t remember the last two pictures either. bleh. 😛


    1. They’re mostly contingent on taking the top checkpoint at the place where there are two checkpoints – bottom and top.

      From the top checkpoint, there’s a series of decaying leaves with baubles on them. The correct spot to jump up is tricky – it took me a while to find it. I can’t get a picture just yet, but it’s the rightmost set of leaves. Stay on the branch (a monkey will be trying to pelt you from below) and hop forward to the leaf that feels like it’s almost out of reach.

      From that leaf, you can get onto the straight branch with the blue monkey. Defeat it, go forward to the big tree stump where my first priority, personally, is to whack the mushroom and give myself an easier way to climb back on top if/when I fall off.

      The last two pics are easy to access if you have the run of the topmost leaves, but I think from watching a dulfy video, you might also be able to go in via the crocodile side passage that leads to Moto’s Breath. Instead of hopping upwards on mushrooms, go forward and around to the end, where there is some fungus you can climb up to the treetops.


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