GW2: If You Can’t Beat Them…

Today, I’m grumpy.

I checked Guild Wars 2 Reddit only to find that a ton of sites had -major spoilers- for the Sky Pirates of Tyria patch, which hasn’t even landed yet.

We already had an egregious example of this turn up on the front page of the Guild Wars 2 website for the noir mystery – which spelled out in crystal clear detail exactly where to go, on which day and so on.

I kinda skim read it very quickly, shying away the moment I realized it was a spoiler in order not to ruin my sense of discovery and fun later playing through the story instance, but forgave it as I figured a lot more achievement and progress oriented players would appreciate that sort of crystal clear direction and guidance.

It took 15 seconds of moral dilemma debating, but I eventually decided to read the fucking guide on Dulfy’s website regarding the Aetherblade Retreat dungeon.

Mostly because I was majorly alarmed by her description that said it was like Molten Facility, IF NOT HARDER. (Emphasis mine.)

Because you know folks who want to complete this sort of thing in an efficient and optimal manner have a higher chance of actually making it than your random casual putz that wanders in without a clue.

Because if you’re going to do a fucking raid complete with shitty complex mechanics, you’d better have read the fucking manual and watched the freakin’ video guide beforehand.

(Or at least, that’s what the elitist folks -who will have completed this sort of thing a lot more times than the casuals – will tell you.)

I immediately got a headache on reading the guide, with all the multiple phase mechanics that were going to be in play. This is going to be some learning curve when actually doing it.

And I’m a little freaked out at the thought that they:

a) decided to spell everything out and release it to the online media hounds early, suggesting that trial-and-error discovery is not the way they’d want you to attempt this dungeon (possibly because it may involve a great deal of rage and frustration)

b) are rewarding a rare and a gold piece on completing the dungeon, which hints at the difficulty level that they tuned it at

To be honest, I’m beginning to heavily reconsider trying to PUG this. It sounds like it may be a massive crapshoot of whether you’re going to get good party members or not. It makes me want to run back screaming to guildies only, who will at least be patient as everyone learns the dungeon and works through it together.

The one good thing that might come out of this is that this may be a dungeon that rewards control and support group-oriented builds. I’m not 100% sure of that. If the leet berserkers can find a way to bypass all the trash, I’m sure they will. And some of it may be a dps race.

But I’m seriously wondering how I may be able to fit Stand Your Ground and Hallowed Ground in my utility bar, along with Wall of Reflection and Hold the Line (something’s gotta give) and if I should be wearing my PVT gear with soldier runes to cleanse more conditions on shouts instead of the crit-focused knight’s. And hoping any warriors that come along have soldier runes and shake it off.

Maybe this may actually be a chance for necros and engineers and classes that can deal well with conditions to shine.

I’m going to apologize now to the one PUG that I will be squeezing my spirit weapon guardian in at an early stage to attempt. YOU NEVER KNOW, maybe the bow will come in handy removing your conditions, and the hammer interrupting, and maybe you’ll like the projectile absorption of the shield. And there will be blinds to interrupt things. I will just NOT BE TANKING on him, deal without your anchor guardian crutch.

Then as usual, once I’ve gotten that worked out of my system, and seen if 50% extra damage helps the poor glowing minions any, it’ll be back to the asura rocking cookie cutter.

If it really turns out too horrible, I may simply just give up and decide this kind of content is not for me.

Fortunately, I’m not at all attracted to the monocle – though I suspect a lot of engineers might be. (Please bring your utilities and support and show the leet jerks what you guys can really do besides chuck grenades around.)

I admit to being a lot more greedy for the guaranteed rare and 1 gold on dungeon completion. Between Dragon Bash and trying to get my new warrior in basic exotic gear, I’m somehow down to 15 gold in the bank, near broke.

If all else fails, I guess I can go hog the dragon timers like lots of other people are doing for rares instead.

9 thoughts on “GW2: If You Can’t Beat Them…

  1. I’ve been doing the dragon round (all eight common events listed on Dragon Temple, at least) ever since the loot changes months ago. Sometimes I do a lot of them, sometimes only a few but I don’t believe a day has passed that I haven’t done at least a couple on each account. With two accounts getting the guaranteed bonus chest for each event and nine characters getting the main chest, which averages to better than one Rare per event, I now have getting on for 1000 Ectos banked. I don’t even break the Rares down much any more, I throw them in the Forge for fun. I also throw in the many greens and often get another Rare back from that. I think it’s likely to be more profitable than doing dungeons, especially this one, and for me it;s certainly a *lot* more fun.

    That said, I’ll probably give it a try. The Molten Alliance one wasn’t horrible, just not something I’d want to do more than once or twice.


    1. But but… dragon timers and waypointing to range a giant laggy pinata is so boring…

      1k ectos, dear god, *stares glumly at the 20ish hanging around in my bank*


    2. Unfortunately no, it’s not more profitable than doing dungeons, but it certainly can be a good amount of money when you don’t want to pug something.

      Regarding the new dungeon, they did a stream on Twitch about it tonight. Maybe it might make it less scary to see it? Though some bits look like they’ll initially be hard.

      And why are you hoarding ectos? Why not sell some of them? Unless you’re wanting to get a shiny backpiece (which “only” takes 500 ectos), it seems like you’ve got a lot of income tied up. 😛


      1. I draw the spoiler line at watching videos. Especially before the patch is even up.

        I only don’t mind watching videos after experiencing the dungeon for myself, then I can see what other tactics other people are using. I am of the belief that there can be multiple ways to handle the same encounter depending on your group, and striving to carbon copy follow someone else’s video guide doesn’t stretch one any. (Damn that lazy corner stack in the Molten Facility, fer example.)

        Oh, and Bhagpuss doesn’t want anything 🙂 He’s got nothing he craves in the gem store, for instance! That makes him a rich rich man, gathering and leveling endless hordes and hoards.


  2. I didn’t realize they’d already posted detailed guides to it.

    I tend to avoid those things until after I hit a stage where my attempts to figure it out are not fully working.

    Sure I will read things like ‘which karma vendor sells what stats’ – but full on guides, and those videos… I skip them.

    And have been since I was a WoW raider skipping the video my raid lead told me to watch while maintanking for my guild. 😛

    (But this started because most of those vids featured heavy metal or rock, neither of which is reggae, and if you mute the sound it gets even harder to hear the person trying to speak over the bad music. I don’t why none of those raid guide video makers can’t just not play music…)


    I’ll PUG this thing, and sure some of those PUGs will be rough. But I suspect I will be better prepared for it than even some people who watched or read guides.

    My builds are always ‘tanky’ balanced. Solid mitigation, strong offense, and good to potent support. I like to be rounded, and never make glass canons other than by accident…

    Fight mechanics, do this or do that. I’m willing to figure them out. And I’m willing to help others. Don’t stress it, and factor a few wipes into the equation as acceptable.

    Oh and 15g as poor? Maybe 3x what I have, and I have another 80 likely to ding 80 tonight (level 78 elementalist) – so I expect to be scrounging for enough coin just to waypoint by tomorrow… 😛

    A full set of exotics for everything BUT the water weapons runs about 15-20g, but I have gotten it down to as low as 4g before by getting all karma armor and then low cost weapons. But that only works for one or two builds…

    You can try for soldiers and cavalier armor / trinkets with karma – and that makes a super ‘tanky’ warrior. Which means again: only good for warriors that try to out-tank guardians (which happens to be mine, but I did it with knights gear. Going soldiers would be -too- bunker… and would actually on a shout build give you a warrior designed to hold towers in WvW, something most think is not possible…)

    If there is a good condition damage build out there for warriors (I never tried to be a condition warrior, so I don’t know), then you can get full exotic gear for maybe just 2g… as exotic condition weapons are sometimes very cheap in the TP.

    (Oh and if you have dungeon tokens saved up and don’t mind looking like a fashion disaster… you can get there on 0g – and maybe even without resorting to a gimmick build.)


    1. Coincidentally, that’s the first set I went for on the warrior. Soldier with cavalier trinkets and a side of sapphire orbs. Was trying to get a very tanky zerg running hammer warrior going.

      So far, it’s not too bad, though I feel my guardian tags a lot more stuff and heals more – I like the daze and cripple/immobilize control aspect of the warrior still, land it and people die, rather than trying to chase people down on a guardian.

      I still need/want a knight or valkyrie or berserker mix for better damage at some point, and other weapons for flexibility. That’s going to put a dent in the pocketbook eventually.

      Dungeon tokens are my kryptonite. I have less of them than badges of honor. I need to go find a not-too-much responsibility damage class for dungeons, I think.

      I have this paradoxical reaction/mindset to dungeons where I find it tiring to draw aggro and tank and heal and survive for too long, but I feel like if I don’t do it, then the whole thing will dissolve into chaos and people will die (because many are in the low-responsibility do-lots-of-damage mindset) and it will be horrible and messy.


  3. It’s definitely hard not to read official spoilers. Then again, I’ve always hated not being able to “see” all the content in other MMOs because I was not part of a good raiding group.

    I think though that with the speed and possible confusion of the Living Story updates it is better than not to officially spoil things… or give decent sites some information to be able to spoil things.

    You can always ignore it. /sarcastic_wink


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