6 thoughts on “GW2: o—==<|

    1. 0 seconds. I was already buying Mark of the Ninja on Steam (75% off!) and had Paypal ready to go.

      I hope to contribute to Anet’s metrics and reward with cold hard cash a direct sale of a musical instrument. Else the next time, we may find that getting the goddamn thing is buried behind layers of RNG instead. I never did get an endless choir bell. 😦


  1. IMHO, that is a torture device.

    Only a small number of player have musical talent. The other 99% of players that use that thing just hurt my ears!

    What will be next toture device anet will introduce? Bagpipes?


    1. $15 for bagpipes! I have a Charr who would carry that well, judging by how he carries giant chickens, and nearly all his legging options are kilts anyway.


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