BRB, Gonna Hurl

I seem to have inadvertently found another good reason for why some people would solo in an MMO.

Throat got raspy a day or two ago and woke up today with it feeling like it had been sandpapered over and welded shut. While trying to figure out what would go down without too much agony (settled on soup, still hurt,) the body confused chills began while the objective thermometer reading announced cheerfully that I had ramped up to official fever temperatures.

I hope it’s just a cold or flu. Dengue fever has been going around these parts lately. The good news is that the fever is not in that range, nor am I feeling joint/muscle pains or have a rash (yet, *damps down paranoia*)

But I haven’t felt this woozy or nauseated in a long time.

Killing 40 Ascalonian mobs for the daily has become an extreme endurance challenge. I don’t know if it’s just general nausea getting to me, sitting upright and focusing on reading words on a screen, or if my FOV motion sickness sensitivity has increased from the illness, but I can’t last 10 minutes in game without feeling not-good-at-all and having to close the client before I throw up all over the keyboard.

This, as you might expect, has put a severe crimp in any last minute plans to group up or crank out a few more molten facility runs before it goes away permanently.

Somehow, I doubt it is appropriate to tell a group “AFK indefinitely, gonna try not to hurl and then crawl into bed to recover.”

Nor is WvW appealing – the thought of putting on a headset makes my skull ache.

So it’s been solo farming and solo map exploration in small pieces. Very small pieces. The computer has been going on for 15 minute chunks, and then getting switched right off again to attempt another four hours of sleep. It’s just that one needs to do -something- in between all the nap times or be even more bored out of one’s skull than one already is.

Hopefully the fever breaks soon. Hate the head clouded fog that comes with raised temperatures. I’ve a post or two more in the works, but y’all are just gonna have to wait for a bit.