10/10 Project: Mabinogi

This is starting to become a pattern.

Went to the website – selected the “old fashioned” way download because I am old fashioned and like my setup files as one big chunk.

Downloaded it at a speedy 1.4MB/sec.

Double-clicked it to install and received this intriguing error:

But but... I haven't even selected a path for you to install the program to!
But but… I haven’t even selected a path for you to install the program to!

One quick Google search reveals that this is not an uncommon problem.

Fuck you, Mabinogi.

Now I really wanted to delete this and end the post here, but this is starting to turn into a series of blog haikus about shit I can’t install.

So I gritted my teeth, and clicked on the big obvious button to get their propietary downloader, which insisted I sign my soul away and agree to downloading Pando Media Booster (something I earlier spent time scrubbing my computer free of, thanks to LOTRO and Aion), which sped up my download speed to oh… a blazing 300-400 kb/sec.

If you were paying attention, I downloaded 3x as fast from the direct download earlier.
If you were paying attention, I downloaded 3x as fast from the direct download earlier.

Queerly enough, the direct download was a mere 2 gb, and the identically named setup file that this downloader downloaded was 2.5 gb.

On double-clicking this one, the hard disk ground a bit but absolutely nothing happened.

No, I lied. Task Manager showed that the 2.5 gb MabinogiSetup133R.exe file was taking up a dinky 392k of memory.

Feeling very weirded out, I ended the process and did my best to delete all the exe files – something that took a little while as Windows insisted one of them was “in use” at the time.

You know, it’s not as if I downloaded this from a possibly contaminated torrent here. This is straight off the official website…

Official conclusion from me:

Mabinogi may also be a good game, but I’ll never know. It’s a good thing I added a baker’s dozen worth of MMOs to try, because I’m running out of them fast even before hitting character creation.

Now please excuse me while I go and scrub my computer off and run it through several gazillion virus scans because I’m paranoid and hate this type of weird behavior from exe files.


4 thoughts on “10/10 Project: Mabinogi

  1. Mabinogi is a really good MMO, and also a very unusual one. I played it on and off on the European server when it was region locked but that closed last year. Haven’t tried since although I believe Europeans can now play on the NA servers.

    Given your understandable frustration so far you might try Free Realms next. Not only is it a really good, polished MMO but it’s extremely easy to access. Same with Clone Wars (which isn’t on your list so maybe you’ve played it).

    Another one you might not have played which is very unfussy to download and install is Champions of Regnum (aka Regnum Online, aka Realms Online).

    If you want a real challenge to your patience, try Aerrevan, an MMO which no-one ever seems to have heard of and if you try it you’ll soon see why.


  2. Believe it or not, I have run back to Funcom. At least I have successfully installed two of their games, so there is a decent chance that their first game might work!

    So far, Anarchy Online has passed the downloading and installation with flying colors, gonna leave registration and launch (and perhaps actual play) for tomorrow. Sleepy now.


  3. Mabinogi is fun to play (especially if you have friends or guildmates) but like all games, does get boring at times. Hope it works out for you!


  4. I didn’t report about one game and added another game as my no. 10 one. That game came with nprotect game guard – an anti-cheat software. So far, so annoying. But the programme hides itself, so it can’t be detected and apparently, can’t be uninstalled directly. I’ll wait until after the 10/10 project to clean my PC off any useless programmes, but I certainly wasn’t happy about this. It’s MY PC and I want to know what’s installed on it. Grmpf.

    Pando is most of all annoying because it doesn’t tell you that it’s uploading to the internet and that’s why your internet speed is slooooow even after you’ve finished downloading what you wanted to download. But at least, you can uninstall it easy (or I could so far). I still don’t like it, but I see it as the lesser evil. 😉


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