Just back from a 16 hour real life saga:

One of my elderly relatives (more like ancient, the pair are 85+) had a fall that left them in agonizing pain unable to get up.

Family rushed over to evaluate the situation, got to a home choked with the stench of urine (must have lost control of bladder while unable to get up), ended up suspected hip and leg fractures, an ambulance call, and hours waiting outside the ER watching even more seriously in trouble patients being rushed in.

To make the situation even more interesting, the other half of the pair has dementia and their restlessness had to be managed while waiting, which segued into taking them out for lunch, bringing them home to collect some stayover clothing, doing stopgap cleaning to arrest the urine soaked areas from becoming even more of an issue later, keeping them babysat and amused and reminded every five minutes that their spouse has broken bones and is in the hospital and that they need to stay elsewhere for a while (people with dementia have near nonexistent short-term memories and will keep asking the same questions over and over) while other relatives dashed out to prepare a room in their home for the one with dementia to stay indefinitely (as their primary caregiver is now in hospital bedridden from the fall, likely for months) taking them out for dinner, and finally getting them settled as best as hopefully possible in their new locale.

Still keeping fingers crossed that they don’t become distressed from being in unfamiliar surroundings. Taking it a day at a time though.

Saga continues tomorrow with doctors’ evaluations of the one with the fractures and what is the best solution possible at their advanced age, while tidying up loose ends at the home they had to vacate in a hurry (fridge food, newspapers, moar thorough cleaning, the works…)

Gaming (and blogging) time may be impacted for a couple days until stuff settles down.

Makes a lot of game issues seem like small stuff indeed.

(I’m an inveterate gamer though, so I’ll still be snatching bits of time to destress and nibble away at my shorter goal games. And Lost Shores, praying hard we get the oldbies settled by then.)

What with all the wait time outside the ER, alternately assuaging more emotionally unstable relatives and literally watching the grass grow, there was ample opportunity to meditatively reflect on the simple joy of being able to breathe easily, being healthy and being alive.

Stay safe, folks.

One thought on “Perspective

  1. Happy thoughts your way 🙂

    My wife’s family is going through a headstrong great-grandma with cancer everywhere saga at the moment. I know it can be taxing on the soul.


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