GW2: Too Sexy For My Shirt…

You know all the griping about the Guild Wars 2’s initial character creator for human and norn females in light armor professions, where practically all the scholar classes are dressed in exceedingly revealing costumes / armor sets?

It turns out that for Charr males in heavy armor professions, they saved the best for last…

Some level 60-70ish chest piece I got as a personal story reward. I forget what it was called.
Level 80 rare crafted chest piece, think it’s called gladiator armor.

The barbaric look is better for tattooed Norns perhaps. Should have given him tiger stripes. He looks… kinda awkward to my eye.

Maybe it’s just my interpretation of his background, which would make him want to steer clear of any Flame Legion half-nekkid shaman kind of look.

If I weren’t so lazy or crashing every two or three zone loading screens since the last build or sick of the HoM chest plate, I would have transmuted it by now. The rest of the armor pieces besides the helm are HoM.

But mostly, I’m just lazy and it’s not the final armor piece to play dress up with yet. So he runs around daring people to poke holes in his exposed chest and back.