GW2: First Nearly Incoherent Thoughts


The only real reason you’re seeing this post from me now is that Guild Wars 2 is undergoing a scheduled 20-60min downtime.

For once in a very long time, it has been a lot more fun just playing the dang MMO instead of thinking and blogging about it.

For once I’m nearly at a loss for words on where to start talking about the game. I’m going to be more incoherent than usual because I don’t have a point, I just to want to gush. There’s so much to do and see and learn and explore and yes, endlessly slaughter.

I truly don’t understand how people are having a problem with gaining experience. I suspect they’re just running from heart to heart and not doing anything else. I’ve gone from heart to heart. I’ve run to vistas and points of interests. I’ve run across lots of dynamic events (a few of them annoyingly bugged) and triggered quite a few more by simply talking to an NPC. Yes, the ones all the rest of the zerg runs past. If there ain’t enough DEs in your zone, either something’s broken or you simply don’t have a curious ‘push everything, chat up everything’ explorer around in your vicinity. Too bad, try to be one. I’ve gone into off the beaten track places with nothing indicated on the map and voila, a jumping puzzle, a hidden cave, an underwater tunnel, and yes, veteran or champion mobs and even the odd treasure chest or two that is a pleasant surprise.

I’ve gone back to old zones and gathered materials like crazy because I need so much copper ore and so much wood to level crafting. (Let’s not talk about jute now. I got so desperate without the trading post working, I had to buy cloth gear off the armorsmith and salvage it. Welp, for once the white no-magic armor vendor has a use! If an expensive one.) I’ve camped out various mob families because I want vials of weak blood, lots and lots. I’ve crafted lots and lots. (*glares at trading post being down* Though I haveta admit, the quaggan picture they must have done up in a hurry is kinda cute, and nicer than the 504 proxy not found error that it was giving some time back.)

Do not make quaggan angry. You would not like it if quaggan gets angry…

I’ve done the Charr Blood Legion personal story up to level 30, and making plans to make nearly similar alts just to explore the choices not chosen. For example, what if I trusted or didn’t trust someone? Then there’s the other Legions’ stories. (I’m not even sure when I’ll be getting to the other four races’ zones, I did up to lvl 5 sneak peeks in all of them and said, wow, too much to think about, leave it for later.)

And after completing the two Charr zones (Plains of Ashford and Diessa Plateau) to completion and three quarters of the way through the Gendarran Fields, I got bored of the zone routine and changed it up by visiting the Ascalon Catacombs dungeons. Then I went WvWvWing and um, lost track of time and levels even more than usual, I think I’m 4 levels higher without realizing it.

Random funny WvWvW story. Crowd mechanics and the zerg mentality are rampant at the moment, and since it’s such a new game and barely launched, folks don’t entirely know what to do. (I generally like it, it’s refreshing to learn a dungeon, a fight, an entire game together.) Our WvWvW zerg crashed through the north outer gate of a keep we were taking, and despite the leader’s exhortations to assault the inner gate of the keeper, a good 3/4 of the force made a beeline (following the first guy, I guess) for the SOUTH outer gate of the keep to assault it from… the inside!

You can no doubt imagine the hilarious “OMGWTFBBQ” CAPS LOCK screaming of the leader over the team channel as the 3-4 of us lined up at the outer gate just a bit shy of the NPC guards and looked at each other and the crowd of green dots at the wrong gate. Five minutes later, that got sorted out and the zerg was positioned accordingly, luckily, not under extreme defender fire at the time.

I’d write more, and maybe about the dungeons, but I seriously cannot get my thoughts in order at this point. I just want to log on and play.

I’ll… try to be back on this blog sooner, rather than later.

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