Reaper Miniatures Bones Kickstarter

I don’t know how many of my readers would be interested in this, but as I mentioned, I’ve been diving back to tabletop gaming roots (RPGs and wargames) and scouring solo RP/wargame blogs in the search for some kind of narrative that fulfills my current craving. (Don’t worry, I’ll be back to video games shortly, once the urge is sated, I get new longings very quickly. And I’ll definitely be around for GW2 as long as Gamestop doesn’t screw up my CE and leave it adrift on a container ship somewhere.)

It turns out I must have an alarm system built into my head or something, because visiting those blogs clued me into something spectacular going on at Reaper Miniatures.

They’re launching a Kickstarter to ramp up production of their new line of plastic miniatures, called Bones.

The Kickstarter has completedly exceeded their original target and they’re on to fairly insane stretch goals now with crazily tempting figures and extra freebies for the Vampire level.

I haven’t painted minis in ages, probably over ten years now, though I still have an inordinate fondness for Warhammer 40k and Games Workshop related fluff (they’re so colossally expensive though, an MMO habit or three is way cheaper).

One look at what Reaper Minis is offering and I’m going back to the dark side when all the goodies ship in March 2013.

Look at that heavenly variety of beautiful sculpts, going for less than a buck each!

To be cynically realistic, as far as my research goes, the polymer or plastic that the Bones miniatures are made up of is of the soft variety (so says this review), so I wouldn’t be imagining something like GW’s hard plastic. I might think it closer to the type used in prepainted D&D miniatures, but it looks slightly harder and looks like it holds shape and detail a little better. (There are a couple of Youtube videos where you can skip ahead to the end where people poke at ’em and bend ’em.) Not as good as metal can, but the quality of the already-created Bones minis are pretty damn decently close, in my opinion.

Especially with the talent of Reaper’s sculptors and popular metal lines to replicate.

Weight might be an issue for some. Certainly, there’s nothing like the heft of solid metal in the palm of your hand, but when I think about the international shipping costs of a box full of metal versus one much lighter… Well, there’s something to be said for being not so dense and heavy. 🙂

The Kickstarter has lots of options, so do check it out if you’ve the slightest interest. 15 bucks can get you a bunch of dungeon nasties for early-level adventurers.

You could also just pledge a dollar and add on $18 for a paint set, or $25 for 20 orcs.

But ye gods, Vampire Level is where it’s at. Come on, invite home some plastic monsters. Support the Kickstarter and help it exceed $475,000.

(I really really want Deathsleet for $10.)

2 thoughts on “Reaper Miniatures Bones Kickstarter

  1. will the reaper polymer plastic stayed glued to a base and does the paint stay on the miniature. I know that polypropylene plastic can not be glued or painted.


    1. Examples across the web seem to suggest that it is a resin that can definitely be painted, without need for priming even. You could also ask the Reaper Forums about the glue issue, I suspect superglue will help nearly anything adhere to anything.

      But I am not firsthand sure yet. I should be able to let you know in another 1-2 months or so.

      They’re still getting boxes out the door (naturally and understandably later than the earlier estimated ship date, I’m a big cynic so Murphy’s Law never surprises me) and I’m an international order with a hefty amount of optional add-ons so I fully expect my stuff to be among the last to ship, plus travel time.

      Latest update is here:


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