RotMG: Oops #2 – Expected Expiration and a Variety Break

I’ve been getting in bouts of Realm of the Mad God over the last week. More godlands farming for stat pots. Nothing exciting to post about. It might help if I actually counted the stat pots that drop per session, but I’m a failure at OCD planning where that is concerned.

I just shoot stuff, see nothing drop most of the time, shoot more stuff, check the purple bag, shoot even more stuff, hey, a stat pot. Pick it up. And when I’m sitting on 2-3 of them, head back to the Nexus, put it in the Vault, switch characters, chug the potions down, and switch characters back to shoot some more.

Count? What count? That would break the flow.

So it was inevitable that this would happen one day. (About seven days to the last wizard, says the news postings on the game.)

A couple milliseconds too late to absorb the fact that the squishy glass cannon had absorbed one too many ghost god bullets.

Ah well, easy come, easy go.

Got a bit tired of the endless farming, so I decided to switch it up a bit. My Steam RotMG account hadn’t unlocked all the character classes yet (though my Kongregate one had, so I didn’t find it a rush to do so for the Steam one.)

Still, Steam has Steam Achievements! Nothing like a few popups to raise the spirits.

I had Assassin and Paladin left to take to 20 and unlock the rest. Should be easy since I figured out how to get to lvl 20 in 20-30 minutes.

Lucked into a massive quest mob spawn on the assassin. Fairly insane hordes, but amusing.

Also discovered I don’t really have much skill at playing the shorter range classes. Often can’t dodge in time. I like the higher base speeds of the dagger using rogue classes, and I think the dagger range is decent – playing it well can probably be learnt some day.

I suspect I didn’t have a good enough ability item for the assassin – I couldn’t find any higher tier poisons to twink him out with (I think I chucked the one or two I had on the Kongregate account, and I was too lazy to log in on that) so no decent aoe damage.

Worth trying again some day. As is, I got tired of him failing to kill gods efficiently once he hit lvl 20, so I put back all his gear into the vault, and hurled him into the mouth of random death.

Paladin time.

I was missing a sword, so he started out really slow with the base sword. Just kept grabbing any sword upgrades that fell off the mobs, making sure not to push him too fast beyond his killing ability (he was decked out in 20 def armor and +6 def ring, so fairly impervious to anything lowbie).

At level 10, he found a Giant Snake quest mob. On death, it dropped a Jungle portal, so in he went.

The Jungle is a pretty fun dungeon for level 10s, nothing too hard, just some annoying mobs that like to hide behind the trees.

One of the mobs has this cool debuff bullet effect called “Hallucination” which turns everything on your screen into… well… see for yourself 🙂

Got him to level 20, unlocked the class and the achievement, and also decided to kill him off. I can’t manage melee at present. I’m sure it’s fun to stand around impervious to most things, but to do it at high levels means I’d have to farm enough defence first, and we’re still having problems on that avenue 😛

As of now, range is too short to do anything without eating some very painful shotguns and risking death every god mob, so off went his gear and into the lava he went.

Their total lifespans, about an hour for the assassin and half an hour for the pally.

For the hell of it, I took a mystic to 20 next to try out the stasis ability. Unfortunately, players are so well trained to ignore the three orbiting golem gods that even if you stasis, they walk away and don’t help you to kill them. And I was dismayed by her lack of base attack and dex, which made god farming slightly more tedious than on the wizard.

Commit harakiri, she did too.

So I guess it’s back to farming wizards again. (Priests and necromancers I also like, but we’ll save that for the next time I get bored.)

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