What Do You Get When You Cross an MMO With…?

…an FPS?

Planetside. Global Agenda. Firefall. APB. Dozens more upcoming and probably hundreds of free ones I don’t even know about.

…an RTS?

Age of Empires Online. A bunch more free-to-play browser types that I will just cop out and link to Massively’s MMORTS tags instead of naming them all.

… an ARG?

The Secret World, probably, or at least their advertising/marketing portion.

…a racing game?

Need for Speed World, Test Drive Unlimited 2, iRacing, whatever.

… puzzles?

Puzzle Pirates.

… Zelda?

Spiral Knights.


Realm of the Mad God.

…platforming and Final Fantasy?

This is not a chocobo.
Cloud Strife wishes he had this sword.
Walked through a portal and ended up in Tomb Raider.
Cats and chandeliers? Bad combination. Just ask Youtube.

Unfortunately I don’t have any more jumping puzzle screenshots. Funny that, considering how many I just did over the last weekend – trying to get a skill point from one of the Ascalonian ruins, a mini-dungeon (Font of Rhand) from the Diessa Plateau where you had to run and jump to pull a chain, and I didn’t even try to go for any of the Achievement ones.

(By the way, yes, I am well aware that Maple Story is more of a 2D platformer, and that TERA and Aion also have honking big swords. Just making light fun of things because seriously, how many more praise posts can one person read about Guild Wars 2?

That’s where I’ve vanished to in the last few days if anyone was wondering. Beta Weekends don’t come around every day. Now sifting through screenshots to stave off withdrawal.)

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