RotMG: Moar Pew Pew

Got in two quick interludes of Realm of the Mad God over the past few days. More Gods farming.

2 attack potions dropped the first time, and that went to the archer I am hoping to max stats with.

2 speed pots dropped the second, and temptation led me to quaffing them on the farming wizard, I find his current speed a bit on the slow side still. Let’s hope that actually aids my survivability in the future, before the inevitable “Dangit, my wizard died” post.

ROTMG servers were way way crowded this week. It’s the school holidays here in South East Asia, and it shows. I suppose it’s a game that suits kids pretty well, quick spurts, lots of action.

One of the most crowded Castle Oryx runs I’ve been on in a while. I suppose playing at local 3pm time on a weekend does have a difference from sneaking in games at 2am. 🙂

I didn’t get in sufficient damage on Oryx to drop anything this time, I was playing it safe and running off from anything that looked remotely dangerous.

On the other hand, if you risk too much, this is what can happen:

This poor guy, Tomatocan, bit it during the Oryx kill. One of the larger gravestones (Tier 7, means he had maxed 4 stats) which less people had seen, hence the explanation in chat from other vets.

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