Runescape: Further Breadventures

It’s time for another round of Runescape: Further Adventures in Breadmaking!

When we last left off, our gallant heroine had been distracted by all sorts of nefarious shenanigans and was prevented from fulfilling the manifest destiny of those soggy lumps of flour dough sitting in her inventory.

Onward, to find a functioning oven range!

Checking the map revealed a possible target in the neighboring desert town of Al Khalid. I wanted to go there anyway, there was a Slayer quest in my backlog to go kill 46 (nope, not a typo!) scorpions north of Al Khalid.

I got out of Lumbridge past the toll gate of NPC guards who extorted 10 gold for opening the gate (one-way only) but heck, inflation is rife in Runescape, I was already sitting on 33k gold, and I’m positive that is still considered a noobie amount. Like City of Heroes, veteran players probably find sums significant only in the millions and billions. Silly NPCs, have your 10 gold and open that gate!

It wasn’t until I got to the room when I began to get the sinking sensation that I had been making a dumb newbie mistake all along. The same oven range graphic was there – that I’d seen in Lumbridge Castle, Draynor Village, Taverley and so on. No matter how hard I moved the mouse cursor over the graphic, there was no context-sensitive popup to indicate that the range was an interactable object.

Half by accident, I right-clicked near it, and an “Examine Range” option popped up.

Whaaat? The thing was actually there?

Are you telling me…

I opened my inventory, clicked on the bread dough, selected “use bread dough,” then moved the cursor over the oven range graphic.

… that I probably could have cooked the bread in any of the OTHER oven ranges I walked past?

Oh fer crying out loud!

… Later, you’re going to walk back by that Lumbridge Castle cook and double-check his range. I bet it works.

Yeah, yeah, since I’m already HERE, let’s just use this one first.

Ah, for the sweet smell of achievement success, a task complete and baking bread!

We won’t tell them about the one loaf you burned…


Now kindly retrace your footsteps and go check on the oven range you were convinced didn’t work before. You could also just use a magic teleport back to Lumbridge Castle to save time, but I don’t think you can handle the concept just yet…

He’s just being sarcastic. Truth is, I actually hiked up north of Al Khalid to go check on the scorpions I was supposed to kill, saw with a gulp that there were about lvl 15 in combat level, tried to engage one in deadly battle anyway, watched as my health bar plummeted while the scorpion’s heavily armored carapace remained unfazed, and decided to run away screaming like a little girl, making a new resolution to skill up in combat a little more before trying them again.

After that, I was pretty relieved to just pay the toll

Which you technically didn’t have to, if you just stopped when you were safe and teleported…

and take a slow walk back to Lumbridge Castle to recover. Shut up, it’s only 10 gold, it’s nothing, and it was immersive to interact with the NPCs and walk there and back again.

Sure enough, that “invisible” cooking range was confirmed to work just fine.

You idiot…

Yup, I am an idiot.

(In retrospect, I could also have simply teleported back to the town of Taverley, where there is a cooking range barely a few feet away from the lodestone point. But it never occurred to me at the time.

You idiot x 2…

Ah well, you know what they say about hindsight being 20/20.)

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