Beginning in the Middle

Otherworld - Aion

This is an odd time to begin a blog. I’m in the middle of games. Nope, not “in between” games, but right smack in the middle of many of ’em.

Normally, one would expect people to start blogs when all bright eyed and shiny and enthusiastic about an upcoming game. It’s easy to then launch from there into a description of the game in question, give a first impression, write some opinions or review it, add some notes about one’s first forays through the game, and voila, the journey and the blog begins.

But where do I start when I’m kinda past all that? Do I just jump into the deep end and hope readers can follow? Or do I spend time writing introductory pieces – which take up valuable gaming time, mind you – while mourning fickle memory regarding the tutorial and early stages and the lack of any screenshots (well, how was I supposed to know I would need them now?)

I suppose I will be starting with short pieces with regards to where I am in all these games, and see if that situates people enough to keep going.

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