Origin Post

Zone Travel - Aion

In the tradition of all blogs, one must have an origin post. So why start this blog? What’s the goal?

I’ve a couple:

  • To talk about games I’m playing now
  • To serve as a record of games I’ve played (and I play a lot)
  • To store screenshot postcards of my journey through various games
  • To muse and reflect and comment about nifty design decisions made by the games I play
  • To speculate on my motivations, likes and dislikes regarding game playing
  • And mostly to celebrate games, because I’ve rarely met a game I didn’t like (or at least appreciate it for what it was trying to do – even if it did it poorly, there’s something to be learned from it)

As for the title of the blog, that’s simply it. Most, if not all, of the musings to come will be exploring the reasons why I game, and how I keep shaping and refining my understanding of my motivations while playing a ton of games that fit well or not, as the case may be.

For the record, I am a Bartle EASK. I’m big on exploration, on learning, on being awed, of discovery. I have an evil little achiever lurking in the background who is happy to grind away for dings, for shinies, for visible progress and virtual pats on the back. I’m “take it or leave it” when it comes to socializing, I find the best company in myself, but I’m usually always game to be amused by a pick-up group because there’s always a tale to be told and a memory to be made. And I’m a lousy little carebear with very little competitive urge or need to get ahead at someone else’s expense, so I’m never to be found at the top of hardcore “pro” ladders and such rarified communities.

The current answer to why I game: it seems to be in search of flow.

I enjoy the flow state where mind and body are working in such conjunction that time just flies by. I crave the kind of combat system that lets me constantly monitor and correct and make little key adjustments or micro-mouse movements but not tax my brain over-much, so that it becomes almost a kind of meditation.

And I enjoy the state of wonder where I wander around in awe at seeing something beautiful (screenshot key, where is dat screenshot key?!), the gleeful emotion when I discover a secret that few people know, or the amazed gape of realizing there’s so much more to see and do and learn (that so-called “depth” to a game.)